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Writing Stories

Page history last edited by maddie 11 years, 9 months ago

                                       Writing Stories

This page is where you can put stories that you think are interesting.




                                                           Being a peasant was a thing of the past

                                                                           By: Maddie

Chapter 1


The rush of the wind just made a cold chill rush through my body as if I had just gotten dunked into a bucket of ice. As I walked through the street I noticed nobody had even the slightest smile on there face. I knew everyone was at a rough point in time. Everything was getting shut down even my daddy’s shop. We lost all our money when the Russian army came and took my brother, baby sister, and mom away. They said we had too much money to be peasants and toke everything we had. They said if they didn’t come they would have killed all of us. My dad and I live on the street. Last night we slept on a flight of concrete stairs they were as cold as a freezer with only ice in it. I felt like all those ice cubes had suddenly just poured out on me. My dad slept next to me but when we woke up his forehead was all red and dripping. I knew I had to do something about this but it kept dripping like a faucet. Soon enough all I knew was that he was probably dead. A tear rushed down my cheek. It was my entire fault that my dad was dead. I picked my self up off the ground and walked down the street to the orphanage. All they did was ask me where I came from. I said I couldn’t tell them. So they ended up kicking me out. I had no where to go and no where to sleep. It was about 1:00 am in the morning when I finally found a bench to lay my head down and go to sleep.




                                                            Chapter 2


About 8:00 that same morning I woke up to hear a siren and a motorcycle. As I was crossing the street. I crossed but as I crossed the motorcycle got faster I tried to walk faster then it hit me. The next thing I knew I was at the hospital and I could feel the sting of my scratches and the pain in my hip. It was throbbing pain the pain you would get if you broke your hip but for me the scratches hurt even more my arm was all scratched up and bruised and my leg was covered in blood. They rapped my leg up and put on some stitches. They talked to me about my arm I had 2 choices. 1 to cut it off or 2 to put it in a cast that I would have to pay for. Since I had no money I had to get it cut off. They cut it off and rapped it up. When I was all finished I got up and walked up out of the hospital and down the street everyone was crowding the hospital door .People were crowding the door and asking me what happened? I didn’t tell any body what had happened to me because I didn’t want it to spread. If the Russian found out I was here they would probably kill me. I walked and walked until all the people that had followed me stopped. Then I quickly walked to where I had seen my dad die right in front of me. He was still in the same spot and all the dried blood still was red I quickly grabbed his hand and dragged him over to the garbage can and threw him in. I ran and ran like my feet were on fire. I finally reached a person’s backyard with a pool toy lying out in front. I ended up sleeping on the pool toy and when I woke up I saw a light turn on and some body say who are you?





I quickly got up and ran when I heard the person’s voice. I had some how recognized it. I looked back and saw a women that looked like one of the people that was crowding around the door when I had came out of the hospital. I kept running and stopped when the lady shut the door. After I had stopped my legs felt like they were jelly and I fell to the ground. My legs were still all scratched up from the other day. I suddenly heard someone shouting my name. Alice where are you .I recognized that yell. Could It really be my dad. I ran a crossed the street and there he was standing on his feet. I was so happy just to see him alive. I ran up and gave him this big great enormous hug. I could tell he was happy to see me.  Tears came pouring out of my eyes in a good way. I could still not believe what was right in front of me. After we got settled down I told him everything that had happened to me. He was so amazed I was still alive and here in St. Louis Missouri. I could tell he was still tired and so we started walking back to the bench I had found a couple days ago. We slept for a long time that night. I dreamed about how much fun we will have tomorrow.


                                                            Chapter 4

                                                    Not very much fun

I will tell you what we did that day nothing. Nothing much except walking. To see where else we could sleep instead of on a dumb old bench. I was very disappointed and frustrated. We found a couple new places to sleep. Like a playground or a haunted house. As we were walking past a house we saw this gold bar lying on the ground. So we picked it up and felt it. It was very smooth and cold. We slept on a swing set that same night.


Chapter 5


You know that gold bar on the ground that we found yesterday we went to the bank and they said it was real gold. My dad and I knew how much money that was. I can tell you how much about 1,000 dollars. So we gave them the gold bar and they gave us our money. We had a pretty fair deal. We thought maybe not the bank but so what.                  



                                                   Chapter 6

                           Being a peasant was a thing of the past

My dad and I were so glad we weren’t peasants any more and we had fun with that money. We went and looked at a house. A thing called a trailer and a clothing store. It was so unique. So just because you have a bad life it might not turn out so bad at the end. Don’t ever give up.



     The Story About how Christmas almost got Cancelled 

                                                  By Emmett



It was Christmas Eve in Christmas Town. Santa had just finished packing his sleigh when Rudolph caught Diphtheria. “Oh no, what will we do”, said Santa. “It’s a blizzard outside and we can’t get though it without Rudolph”. Meanwhile, Rudolph was so sick that his nose wouldn’t even shine. Suddenly He remembered that Herbie the Elf could help him! He said to Mrs. Claus to get Herbie. But Mrs. Claus said that Herbie also caught Diphtheria. Rudolph was thinking the same thing as Santa. Just what will we do?


Meanwhile, the other reindeer were thinking what they could do. “Maybe we can ride with Christmas lights on,” said Comet. “Nope, not bright enough,” said Cupid. “I don’t know what to do,” said Dasher. “Me neither,” called all the other reindeer. “Guess we’ll just have to skip Christmas this year,” said Dasher. Suddenly they heard dogs barking and a man yelling. The reindeer look outside and see a man riding on a sled being pulled by dogs. “Hey, what are these guys doing here,” said Donner. “They have the medicine for Diphtheria,” said Dancer. “Hey you, on the dogsled, bring us that medicine,” yelled Blitzin. “Okay,” said the guy on the dogsled. He steered over where the reindeer were standing. “Thank you, but who are you,” said Blitzin? “I’m delivering the medicine for the children but I don’t see a lot of houses around here,” said the guy. “Well, that’s because…YOURE IN THE NORTH POLE,” yelled Dasher. “That’s why there’s not a lot of civilization here,” said the man. “Oh, and by the way, call me Alfred. “Okay Alfred, how’d you get here in the first place,” said Donner? “I think I lost track where I was going around Mt. McKinley,” said Alfred. “Also, why do you need the medicine”? “Because Rudolph and Herbie have Diphtheria,” said Comet. “Okay, lead me to them,” said Alfred.




Alfred and the reindeer went inside and quickly gave the medicine to Rudolph and Herbie. Christmas might have been canceled if Alfred and his dogs didn’t show up. For a gift, Santa let them stay at the North Pole as long as they wanted. And Rudolph and Herbie were much better so Herbie got back to his job as a Dentist and Rudolph was able to light the way for Santa. And this is the story of how Christmas almost got canceled.








                                                                 A Day In Wonderland

                                                                   by: Grace          



                                One Day I was walking along the beach when I saw a cave. I walked in and  Inside was a million different Jewels like Rubys, Diamonds, Crystals, Emeralds, and many more, all were glittering in the dim light. I gasped, but it wasn't just the jewels that  I were so suprised at. In the back of the cave there was a sighn that said you have stumbled upon a mighty cave where only those who are magic can enter. I was stunned never in my life had I even thought that I was magic. I stumbled to the back of the cave and read the sighn aloud. As soon as I did the floor started rumbling and then BOOM! It collapsed, I screamed as I fell the wind Rushed through my hair and I could feel the sides of a tunnel, it was damp and cold.Oouf  I hit a giant fluffy pillow at the bottom. Another sighn said in tiny letters Welcome to Wonderland!! I looked around me there I saw it a whole buch of tiny butterflies. But they weren't butterflies as I got closer I could see that they were realy Fairies The Colors were wonderful! Greens, Yellows, orange, purple and red flowed around me My heart felt like it was going to overfull with happiness. I played with them all day and had the best day of my life. I never forgot that Day in Wonderland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   





 Help I am Stuck as a Flash Light

                         By: Maddie

EEEEEKKKK went the cabinet door as I opened it. My little brother Jon was trying figure out how to use his magic wand and he said as soon as he got it to work he would turn me into a zebra. Like that’s going to happen. I said to him he still does not know that he isn’t a wizard but sometimes it’s like he really is. At school he always shows his wand to the class. Then his friends ask him to do a spell. He panics and tries and always says oh no my wand is broken. I bet his class is sick of that. Well, let’s move on with the story. Yesterday he said yeah my wand is working and so he went up to me and said ready to be a zebra. I said it is not going to work out. Well let’s find out said Jon. So he tried and I was right it did not work out. I ended up as a flash light instead. See Jon I said it did not work now turn me back into a person. He said UHHHHHH. I can’t really. Why I said. Because you can only learn 1 spell ever two days said Jon. Well that ought to be a great excuse to mom and dad. As you can figure we do have a fairy godmother but she is in West Virginia. I guess you will have to stay like that for just two days said Jon. Just two days!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow we start WKCE testing and I can’t miss that. Ummm then just go to school as a flash light. Ohh what a great idea tell everybody you’re a wizard. Try actually thinking. I don’t know how to though. Oh my today is going to be a long day. Good night.    This morning I woke up in the cabinet. I wonder why? Mom was yelling my name across the house. Then Jon came up to her and told mom that I had walked to school when I was really waiting for Jon to pick me up and take me to school. After he ate breakfast he looked in the cabinet and I was not there. I was in the basement waiting for dad to use me. Jon was wondering where me or now none as the flash light was. So he went through the house looking and finally found me in the basement. By the time he got to school class had all ready started and so he was tardy and had to go to the principals office and I had to go with him and so he talked to the principal and had no punishment and so he went back to class. On the bus ride home I had a little snack gummies and pencil bits, my favorite.  When we got home mom did the same thing as this morning yell across the house. This really got on my nerves. I told Jon if this ever happened again I wish it would happen to him instead of me. The yelling got on my nerves so much I had to climb and get a pill that was humongous. It tasted horrible. Before going to bed I wished this had never happened and that night something amazing happened. The next morning was so cool that I was screaming. Hmmmmmm let’s think about this how could I scream. I could scream because I wasn’t a flash light any more it was amazing I wished a wish and it came true. I was surprisingly happy and exited to see my friends once again when I entered the classroom door my friends we  screaming out questions it was so weird I told them one answer to one of there questions I was trapped as a flash light.






                                                                          A day on mount Everest

                                                                              By Aidan 

       One day, in the early morning, I woke up to the sound of the doorbell. When I finnally got out of bed and came down to the door to answer it, there were some people dressed in heavy snow gear on our front porch. I opened the door and let them in. When my mom and Dad came down, they said they were rounding up climbers from all over the world to climb with them up mount everest. My mom looked like she was about lunge and try to tackle the guy. Instead, she got all red-faced and said "are you crazy? Just coming around and ringing random peoples doorbells asking for 11-year-old kids to climb mount everest?"

         The guy replyed, " we are professionnal climbers, Madam. We have been preparing for this moment for months! We would never leave any possibilitys for injury open. Now, I guess I will ask if you approve of your kid coming on the everest quest."

          My mom looked really mad and was about to say "absolutely not!!!!" when my dad calmed her down and convinced her to let me go on the trip. We were off and at base camp in a few days. I will continue my story with the begging of the climb.

          We had about 30 kids around my age spread out at the bottem of the mountain. We were  one. 

 going about 15 feet a minute. that was awesome prgress. it went on like this for some ti until we reached the first camp on the mountain. the guys that were guiding us told us that we were going to go down tommorow because it was to danguros for kids our age to be up on the mountain that long. I don't really want to talk about what happened on the way down. I guess some people aren't as good going down a mountain then going up one!!!!!
























Comments (18)

Larry Lueck said

at 12:09 pm on Jan 10, 2009

These are GREAT stories!

maddie said

at 12:10 pm on Jan 10, 2009


emmett said

at 12:20 pm on Jan 10, 2009


sadie said

at 3:06 pm on Jan 10, 2009

i think this was a good idea maddie

maddie said

at 6:34 pm on Jan 10, 2009

Thanks Sadie

grace said

at 9:25 pm on Jan 10, 2009

Thanks Mr. Lueck

maddie said

at 10:01 pm on Jan 10, 2009

I like writing stories

emmett said

at 10:40 pm on Jan 10, 2009

Nice Story Aidan

michael said

at 6:05 pm on Jan 12, 2009

nice story Emmett

emmett said

at 6:32 pm on Jan 12, 2009

Thanks Michael

sadie said

at 7:06 pm on Jan 13, 2009

wow i am as tall as Shawn Johnson

maddie said

at 11:30 am on Jan 17, 2009

I write all of these stories at home

josh said

at 3:52 pm on Apr 2, 2009

nice storie Emmett

emmett said

at 6:25 pm on Apr 2, 2009

Thanks Josh

ariana said

at 8:00 pm on Apr 2, 2009

is any body here?

ariana said

at 8:01 pm on Apr 2, 2009

These stories are great

morgan said

at 11:23 am on Jul 4, 2009

I don't like Maddie's story's do any body else not like them

maddie said

at 11:24 am on Jul 4, 2009

I think my story's are pretty good.

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