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Earth Materials - Vocabulary

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Earth Materials - Vocabulary


geology - The study of rocks and minerals.


geologist - A person that studies earth and Rocks and Minerals


property - A property is something about charicteristices about an objects for instance a rock is smooth shiney in some parts rough and black and brown.


rock - a rock is alot of diffrent kinds of minearls grouped together.


mineral - Minerals make rocks.


dissolve - to wear away.


crystal - crystals make minerals.


evaporate - evaporation is when something that has water in it goes through the water cycle.


erosion - to wear away 


earthquake - an earthquake is when two plate tectonics push against each other.


volcano- a volcano is just like an earthquake execpt fire/lava/magma comes shooting out of an moutain


igneous- a rock that has been melted then hardens again 


metamorphic- a metamorphic rock is a rock that has been changed.


sedementary- A sedementary rock is a rock that has been changed in water.



plate techtonics- a plate techtonic is part of the earths crust that forms earth quakes and when the plate techtonics push upwards it can form a volcno or a mountain.





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tanner said

at 8:32 am on Nov 18, 2008

where is the page with the paper of what you need to do with your rock collection?

emmett said

at 7:27 pm on Nov 18, 2008

It's on the Class Website, Tanner

emily said

at 8:19 pm on Nov 20, 2008

I think that there are alot of them

maddie said

at 10:28 am on Dec 23, 2008

my favorite folder is the student folder because we get to do our own little assesments

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