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Earth Materials - Content Questions

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Science - Earth Materials


How do properties of minerals affect the properties of rocks?

 Crystal affects the look of the rocks and minerals. 



How does the way a material react to different tests determine what it is made from?

If you put Calcite in a weak acid, (Vinegar) it Bubbles.  



What do rocks, minerals, and crystals have in common?

 Crystels make minerals  and minerlas make rocks. Crystals and minerals are both ingredients crystals are the ingredients to minerals and minerals are the ingredients to rocks. In a way there all part of a life cycle.



How can we determine if something is a rock or a mineral?

Minerals are one color. Rocks are a variety of colors. 



How are rocks and minerals used?

 Rocks and minerals are used to make lots of stuff such as streets, houses, buildings, tools etc.



How can rocks and minerals change?

 They can change by water, for example if a rock travels through a river, stream, ocean etc. after a while the water will where it down changing the shape look and even color.  Whenever ignious or sedimentary rock goes through a change it turns into a metamorphic rock. A rock can also change when heat and preasure hit the rock. Wind can also change a rock.



Why is it important to learn about rocks and minerals?




Websites to help you on your search for knowledge (please do not revise)

Smithsonian - http://www.mnh.si.edu/earth/main_frames.html

Rock Cycle - http://www.cotf.edu/ete/modules/msese/earthsysflr/rock.html

Aggregates - http://www.rogersgroupinc.com/ourcommunities/rockology/index.htm

Minerals - http://mineral.galleries.com/minerals/by-name.htm

Geology from Indianapolis Children's Museum - http://www.childrensmuseum.org/geomysteries/index3.html

Mining - http://www.msha.gov/KIDS/MRHP.HTM

Rock and Mineral Properties - http://www.sdnhm.org/kids/minerals/how-to.html

Types of Rocks - http://sln.fi.edu/fellows/payton/rocks/create/index.html



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